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    Fromm canned food recall

    As I think that some members use Fromm, I wanted to point out that there has been a recent recall on some Fromm canned food.
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    General Question How trainable/obedient is your bulldog?

    I have had some interesting experiences training my bully (8 months old). For context, I spent hours a day for months training my other dog (A Rottweiler) because in my opinion an untrained Rottweiler can be more than an annoyance but can actually be dangerous. Therefore, my Rottweiler is...
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    Unfortunately, we lost Zoey while away...

    I am sorry for your loss. She was lucky to have found you; it sounds like she had a good life.
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    Bulldog weight

    Hugo (8 months old) weighed in at an even 50 lbs today. Bruce looks good to me.
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    I like Tequila…and I really like…

    Thanks for posting; I ordered one - gift for the Holidays. This site can be dangerous for one’s money. Here is another possible money killer. This guy in Czech(I think) makes these really cool metal statues. I spoke with him on the phone last year. Going to possibly order Bulldog and...
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    The loss of my little boi, Boobies

    I am so sorry for your loss. The silence around the house with no doggie noises is very hard. It sounds like he lived a wonderful life with you; keep the good memories of him always with you.
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    Angus has terminal cancer. 😭

    I am sorry to hear about Winston’s diagnosis. I am glad he can spend his remaining time with those who care for him so much.
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    Our Johnny Cash is growing up fast.

    He looks great. That is a wonderful pose you caught in that picture.
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    New Grand Champion!

    Congratulations to both of you. You can tell by her look in that picture that she knows she is a champion.
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    Orijen Dog Food Allergy

    The last time I tried Orijen I had two French Bulldogs (this was when it was all made in Canada). One of my Frenchies absolutely loved the food; the other one could not handle it (too rich - made him vomit and gave him the runs). I guess different foods work for different dogs. It s nice that...
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    Gilbert's 1st Birthday !

    He is looking good. Happy Birthday to him.
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    Angus has terminal cancer. 😭

    I am sorry for the bad news. Enjoy the time you have left with him. Know that he has lived a good life, and you have done your best for him.
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    My dogs shedding like crazy😭

    I feed Fromm to my dogs and am happy with. One thing that helps me with shedding is using a special brush that removes loose hair while I am giving my dogs a bath. After the bath, I use a furminator style brush outside to remove more loose hair. Usually only really need to do this when...