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  • i think we are all learning..and that is a good thing...for the most part, anyway. But yes, I really could use a break and I know Brie could too! Paws crossed this is it for awhile!
    My hubby is an IC... he's headed across the pond again soon for 4 months!!! I guess he never "really" got out... LOL
    Just wanted to Thank You for your service to our country... My hubby is retired Vet, he did 22 years in the Army Special Forces :)
    I thought that was a Rhodesian!! Nice! They are fast in spurts. My brother and sister in law have a huge Husky that is super fast and Buster keeps up with him. For the first half hour at least. hahahaha!! Enjoy your Fourth my friend!
    I'm so excited for you and your familyā€¦. Unfortunately I'll be working this weekend, but believe me when I say, I'll be watching from my phoneā€¦ā€¦!!! I want to keep up with your first moments togetherā€¦. I know how my boys effected me, and its no exaggeration, your life is fixing to be significantly impacted !!
    Todd, Thank You very much for the positive feedbackā€¦. I Love my Bully, and can't stand to see such an innocent Pet suffer an injusticeā€¦ It started years ago with a Cocker Spanielā€¦. I've had to really monitor myself, or I would be overwhelmed by Pets. I can read the excitement in your posts, 20 yrs of wanting a Bully, then doing such detailed search for the right breeder, and now the due date within your graspā€¦. How Awesome is this ? The love from a Bully, and their General character is so fascinating, I truly feel like i'm dealing with a toddler most of the time, Such an innocent face, from one mess to another, yet his affection is unparalleled to any pet i've ever owned. He's literally got to wrap his forearm and paw around my arm, and touch me to rest, most times I wonder who the protector really is lol Just received a new crate prior to Rambo's arrival, Rocky is going crazy over the box on the floor because the a/c vent is blowing it, skeered to death and barking lol
    We are very familiar with yeast, glands and other little nuances that come with furry friends as up until the recent passing of our Boxer Remi we had 2 dogs and 4 cats. We had a Ridgeback that we rescued as a pup 15 years ago that wound up having yeast infections in his ears so bad that the only way to give him any kind of relief was to close his ears so the problem just migrated to other places on his body including his rear end. We loved him until the end when old age and seizures caught up to him 3 years ago.
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