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    Sores on tongue and chin

    They do line up with his teeth, and he always has a stuffed animal because he has a suckling habit and it puts him to sleep. But once I notice a hole, I toss it. - - - Updated - - - Thanks for the info. His chin acne has dissipated and the sores are smaller now. He may have bit himself. So...
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    Sores on tongue and chin

    It is not a toy on the floor. It is one of my kids sandals he got a hold of. That picture was taken of his BUSTED face!
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    Sores on tongue and chin

    Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been so long! Brisket has been doing well for the most part, but today I noticed something weird. He was trying to chew on one of my daughters stuffed animals when I noticed he was smacking, so I opened his mouth to try and see if he had anything in there, but instead...
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    ..... saying goodbye to one of furbabies today..

    Im sorry for your loss. As others have stated, it’s always hard. But knowing that you are doing what’s best for her is something that we all strive to do everyday. Provide the best life and make the best decisions on the behalf of our best friends who can’t voice it themselves. Praying for you all
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    Three’s a Crowd!

    Beautiful photo!! I love it!
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    Fall photos!

    It just wouldn’t be a photo opp without that tongue making its appearance!! Beautiful Bella!!
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    How much he’s grown!

    And a pain all in one!! But so worth it!!
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    How much he’s grown!

    Hey everyone! I was lookin through photos of Brisket, and it got me how much he’s grown! He’s getting so big, but he’s such a handsome fella! Thought you all would like to see the most recent photo of him.
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    Bogey meets Jackson!!

    Lol I love that
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    Prolapsed urethra!?

    ���� that’s true!!! Update tho! I continued using the ointment, and the swelling seems to have gone down and it went from a dark red tip to a darker pink but it seems to be getting better. I’m hoping it was just some small type of infection. Still have an...
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    Happy birthday Ella

    Happy first birthday!! I love your new collar! And those tennis balls look nice and chewy! Brisket wishes you many more!!
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    Soakin up this Indian summer!

    They look so happy! Omg I wanna squish their cute faces!! Lol
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    Prolapsed urethra!?

    No his does not bleed at all, he doesn’t lick it and it doesn’t bother him. I don’t even think he has noticed it. That’s what puzzles me. I use a q-tip to put antibiotic ointment on it and it doesn’t seem to hurt.
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    Prolapsed urethra!?

    The link didn’t work