I was born and raised in Hingham now living with my fiancé in our condo in Weymouth. Currently planning a wedding (which I hate) lol. I'm more of a tomboy! My dad passed away novemeber 2012 3 months after we got engaged and being an only child I was a depressed mess until we got Kora! She makes me smile everyday. She follows me everywhere (literally). Shower, bathroom, even if I walk in circles. Lol. She has brought me back to life I love her more than she could ever know!

Clean-aholic! Dog park,beach, books, bowling, mini golf. Nails, rollerblading, sadly video games with my fiancé lol
Oct 25, 2012 (Age: 9)
Weymouth, Mac
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Worked for Harvard Pilgrim for 4 yrs then left to start my own daycare center!
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I love my English bulldog
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Koras B*tch... Lol
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