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  • I will go check that out... I have a request for you! I would LOVE for you to draw a picture of my Bella for my husband as a Christmas gift. She passed away in June, and she was his baby... He's in Afghanistan right now till Dec 14th, and I was racking my brain as to what to get him this year. No pressure... if you are too busy I completely understand!!!
    Thank you I will start back drawing... and I would love for you to post pics of your work!!! Especially your bully pictures... LOL :D
    WOW... so you could seriously work for Pixar?!! That would be my DREAM job... I have never done anything art wise on the computer, I'm lucky if I can get my e-mail. My kids LOVE Spongebob... how cool is that!!! I wish you the best of luck in the job hunt... I have only seen your bully picture, but I can tell that you are very talented. Now you've got me inspired to pull out the old journal...
    I was an art major in college, but as w/most people life intervened... Art got put on the back burner. I need to start drawing again... I kinda got into watercolor as well. Did you go to college or are you self taught? Sorry for all the questions... I just LOVE to hear how professionals get started... LOL
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