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  • Can you keep me in mind and message me any articles, threads or the like involving tick borne diseases (humans and dog related)? A dear friend of mine contracted Lyme some many years back and it is a subject dear to my heart for research…Bass had numerous ticks on him this past year and it freaked me out (some of my girls actually had some too…one was even pre-treated for Lyme as precaution). I want as much info as possible, preferably reputable sources that you trust to send along…tyia
    :coldout::coldout::coldout::freeze::christmas36::christmas12::sled::snowballfight:The First Snowball Fight is officially on!! SPLAT, GOTCHA, PASS IT ON, BUT YOU CAN'T GET THE ONE WHO GOT YOU!

    AND... Some antlers for Nyala! :christmas15:
    Beautiful profile pic. Beautiful G>S> I so miss my 2 Malanois! Enjoy your posts,and Nyala!
    Hi Helene! Generally speaking I don't home cook, occasionally I do but not often, Murray is on a food trial right now for 4 months to rule out allergies prior to allergy testing :( Cali baker home cooks a lot. I feel like two cups of turkey would be more than enough, but I'm basing that off of what I feed Murray which is one cup of kibble twice a day. If Nyala is active and I'd stick with what's working for you. If she's less active I'd probably feed less. Good luck :)
    :rofl: Ralphieboy has been around for a few years, used to be a daily poster, but just comes and goes now. He has a great sense of humor ... you'll enjoy him
    Hi there! Just to let you know, I removed the link of the breeder site from your post. we do not allow breeder names in the threads, if you like, you can PM that link to the person asking for references... not a problem, but no breeder names in posts/threads. Hope you understand.
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