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    Sherman, that once in a lifetime dog

    Oh I am so sorry. This is one of the most beautiful tributes I've ever read. I had to put my boy down nearly a year ago and this really hit home with me. Sherman was LOVED and LOVING. Clearly he enriched your lives. Sweet, sweet boy. He always will be in your heart. Sending huge hugs!
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    How or why did you choose your bulldog's name?

    Kia came to me with that name, but my first bulldog was Dudley. I named him for the angel in the movie The Bishop's Wife. I love that movie - and was a huge Cary Grant fan - but primarily because in the movie, Dudley helped everyone get what they needed - that's what my boy did for me!
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    EBN takes Vegas!!!

    ROSALIE!?!? Oh, those Jersey girls!
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    Dudley - My Beautiful Boy

    I just wanted to thank everyone for your kind words and expressions of sympathy. I know I will love another bulldog again, quite truthfully, because I must. Once you have known and loved a bulldog, the breed has your heart forever. I can NEVER see a bulldog without stopping to talk to the baby...
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    Dudley - My Beautiful Boy

    To all of my dear, dear EBN friends - your kind words and beautiful flowers - have made me able to get up in the morning. I can NEVER thank you enough for your support and encouragement. Scott and I are overwhelmed by your kindness. I never have to tell anyone on this site about the pain of...
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    Dudley - My Beautiful Boy

    My dear friends here at EBN, On Saturday, February 19, 2011, my life changed when I brought home the sweetest, chubbiest little meatball - Dudley, the English Bulldog. I had waited 25 years for my little EBD. he became my little boy, my sweet baboo, my love. He made his Daddy (Scott Kantruss)...
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    2015 Holiday Raffle for English Bulldog Rescue

    Dudley and I donated too! He gave up some of his treat money!
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    Happy Birthday Kathleen!!!

    Thanks everyone - so appreciate your good wishes! Mr. Dudley has greatly enjoyed my birthday. I think he thinks it is HIS birthday. He has had extra treats and two breakfasts!!! Hugs to everyone!
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    Happy Birthday TODAY!!! WOO HOO!!!

    Dudley and I are hoping you have a fabulous birthday Monica!:balloons::snoopy::confetti::cake3:
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    Bulldog of the Month ~ Father's Day Contest ~ ENTER HERE ~

    A boy and his Daddy. He loves his Daddy so very much!
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    Article: Bulldog Poetry ~~ USED

    Beautiful...made me cry. Beautiful girl!
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    Update on Roxie… got her blood results back!!!

    Poor baby. She - and you - have had a tough time. Dudley sends "high paws" for good luck Tracey! Hopefully things will start to get better. - - - Updated - - - Poor baby. She - and you - have had a tough time. Dudley sends "high paws" for good luck Tracey! Hopefully things will start to get...
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    Orion photo!

    I love her!
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    And then there were three...

    How exciting. So cute! Much love to your baby bullies!:angelheart: