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  • Hi April!!! I just saw you posting in one of the threads and wanted to see how Lola was doing!!! It's been such a long time since our puppy classes together.

    Would love to see her all grown up if you have some pics!!!
    Give her a kiss for me and Sumo!!!
    Hi Aprile, Merry Christmas to you too! And Happy New Year! Yup, Stiggy's famous, Cheryl even made greeting cards of him on her card line. lol.
    SPLAT!!!! You have been hit by the Christmas Snowball :snowballfight:

    Pass it forward to 5 people...you cannot Splat!! the person who got you :christmas4:
    Maybe it would be better to get info over visitor messages, I am getting blank personal messages and all sorts! :(
    Funny you should mention bubble wrap. About 20 minutes ago I heard this odd noise and Wilson was no where to be found. Sure enough, he found my bubble wrap in the other room and had a nice big piece in his mouth. Them bullies I tell ya they're always into something. :D

    He'll have fun opening it and thanks for the tip on the bubble wrap inside. :up: I have his present stuck in my tree right now. :)
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