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Thread: neat lavender

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    just neat pure lavender oil dont mix it with a carrier oil as it will just sit on top of the pads ,you can see it soak right in,annies pads are all healed up and so soft ,karen

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    Just my 2cents, I am a midwife and a novice herbalist. I use a lot of essential oils in my practice. The one thing I would like to say is that Lavender is a relatively safe oil, but we should all take GREAT CAUTION with our pets and our uses of herbs and essential oils. Cats for instance can become very toxic from certain oils and herbs because their livers do not process the same way that ours do. Additionally, using oils neat (some oils anyway) can cause skin damage and irritation AND, its not really necessary. You can get the same effect by diluting the oil and make your essential oil go much further. Sweet almond oil, olive oil and grapeseed oil are all skin soothers and have healing capibilities. Raw Shea Butter also does wonders for dogs. I do not have a book that defines which oils and herbs are safe to use for dogs or cats, but I would really caution anyone to do their research before applying them, especailly to such a sensitive breed. If an alergic reaction DOES occur, oils are hard to remove from the skin when applied neat and most are not suggested to be applied without dilution.

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    Homeopathics on the other hand can be extremely beneficial for our pets AND they are completely non-toxic due to their minute dosages (based on the theory of this branch of medicine). You can purcahse a homeopathic kit of remedies specifically for your pets!

    NOW brand essential oils, Young Living (though they are unreasonably expensive, though very high quality-its mostly hype) and Aura Cacia essentail oil brands are all wonderful brands and can be found at any Fresh Market, Whole Foods or other health food store. FYI, GNC sucks. They are more like a supplement warehouse than a health food store! Not much good in there unless you're looking for protein powder or weight loss pills.

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    Thanks @midwifemama11... A little caution goes a long way! Great info!

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