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Hey y'all it's been a while since I've been on here. I had a question to see if anyone knows what this could be. Emmitt has bald spots on both sides of him and it doesn't look like demodex as he had that when he was younger and the spots are almost equal on both sides and I know demodex couldn't be like this. I thought maybe it's alopecia (spelling?) but his skin isn't black. Or maybe it's the weather and that's why this is happening... Anyways he has a vet appointment next wk and it doesn't bother him at all... He doesn't itch or anything it's just weird I've never seen anything like this and wanted to see if anyone knew what it could be so I would know in advance and take all suggestions to him... Thanks in advance!

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My first bully had the same thing - diagnosed as seasonal flank alopecia. Changed his diet and it went away (along with his tear stains as well)