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Thread: Her breath smells bad... smells like blood?!?

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    mabel lou

    Default Re: Her breath smells bad... smells like blood?!?

    OMG today I went to my mothers house and she has this super super tiny yorky who is so beautiful at the age of 9 and weighs like 3lbs or maybe 2lbs and she has horrible teeth and missing teeth but her breath was absolutely rotten smelling when I went to love on her. I looked at her teeth and ewe they are all brown and so I told my mother that her teeth were rotten giving her the bad breath and she said that she was not letting her dog have any kind of surgery at her age and weight possibly never waking up again cause she has had her since she was born from her other female yorkie who is now passed on. But yeah the smell is horrific and she is such a cute little tiny thing. So my mom is just letting them fall out on their own and says her teeth don't bother her at all. I laughed because her tongue falls out with the missing teeth. Hope your girls bad teeth fall out on their own and her new teeth stay pearly white!

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    Default Re: Her breath smells bad... smells like blood?!?

    I hope it gets better! I have never noticed a blood smell on Lola!

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    Default Re: Her breath smells bad... smells like blood?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Izzy's Mom View Post
    Oh noo... please dont tell me I might have another vet bill before Christmas . How did you wait until you decided you needed to have them extracted? I wonder if I should wait or just go ahead and take her to the vet.
    Well it happened right before she was spayed at 5mo so she was already going to have surgery so it was done then. I mentioned it when i dropped her off and he said he'd look and sure enough, 2 were just rotting away and she smelled better by the time i picked her up.

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