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So I went with Holistic Remedies for allergy testing my bully as some of the recommendations on this site. If you remember my bully had hotspots, and pimple like bumps/sores on his skin. These have since cleared up on their own as we have yet to change anything with his food etc... He still has an occasional spot he will dig at but is doing much better. We are still feeding Earthborn Meadow Feast, and about due for a new bag, as his results came back the only ingredient in his food he is flagged for is spinach. He doesn't seem to be affected by it but again, it's hard to tell. Below are his full results. Another flag for me is the "weak connective tissues" and 'Vaccination disruption" He is due for his shots next month, he will be 15 months old.Attachment 22330

Wow very interesting.
I hope this makes things a little easier for you guys now.
I can not wait to get Lily's results back.