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Thread: Hot Spot - related to hives or food? Help me problem solve

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    Default Hot Spot - related to hives or food? Help me problem solve

    Hi friends,

    I miss being on EBN as much as I was, but life is hectic right now!

    I had posted about 2 weeks ago about Penny having hives. She was back at the vet today for her annual booster shots. My husband & I both noticed that she was missing some hair on her forehead today. Now, she has a hot spot starting. The vet gave me antibiotics and a spray (dermacool?). He said it could definitely be a secondary reaction to the hives and overall shock to her system from that. Our vet said this is one of the worst years for seasonal allergies that he has ever seen.

    We are about through one small bag of the Earthrborne Meadow Feast & halfway through a large back...that is with the transition and everything. Otherwise she looks good. Less watery eyes...she is shedding a ton, but I just chalked that up to this time of year. She did have one impacted anal gland & he suggested pumpkin which I hadn't done in awhile.

    Anyway, EBN vets, what are your thoughts on the hot spot?

    We had been pretty much issue free until the hives & now this.

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    Default Re: Hot Spot - related to hives or food? Help me problem solve

    Yes... it is a result of the hives/allergies and the impact on her immune system... I always shave the area and you can use Listerine to help dry it out
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    Default Re: Hot Spot - related to hives or food? Help me problem solve

    Katara developed a hotspot on her back.. Just finally it dried out and I was able to remove the scabs. Ibstill do not jnow what it's from. Aldo has had two hotspots one from treats that had grains and obe from white rice.. I use diluted clorhexidine soap to wash..

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