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Thread: Bald spots...

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    Default Bald spots...

    I take such faithful care and now after one bag of bad food (back on track) things have gone to hell.
    Marcy had part of her tail removed and then went through antibiotics about two months ago. Now yeast ears (regularly cleaned) yeast under tail, three bald spots that I am treating with anti-fungal but after bath today I find two more. (want to weep)
    I know this is common for our bullies but I could not find another post that really identified this exactly. Which antifungal should I use? Vet told me over the counter yeast for women was fine but why new ones? How to get this under control immediately? We have a great vet supply store in town for large and small breeds. I am not liking or trusting her vet. He has overcharged me for her care.
    She just came out of her first heat about 3 weeks ago (she is 8 months). She is of course a solid white too.

    Tried to give the pertinent info. Please share anything that has worked for you and your bully. Thank you for taking the time.

    P.S. sorry I can not figure out how to get her picture from my profile to these posts....

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    So sorry, I feel bad for you and your girl. Hang in there, there will be help coming soon.
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    Default Re: Bald spots...

    I know you are having other problems but bald spots sound like you she may have mange. Our little Uni just got over the mange it took four weeks of Ivermectein (sp). Apparently it is fairly common for bulldog puppies to get it. You should have your vet take a scrapping to see if she has it.
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    Default Re: Bald spots...

    1. Do you clean around the tail after she poops? She probably needs this done, often. I use Pampers Sensitive unscented/aloe baby wipes and do it every day and after each poop if possible.

    2. What do you bathe her with? I highly suggest a shampoo that is anti-yeast. I just started using a brand called Zymox that seems to be working great, have also used DermaPet brands that were good as well. Masalab was the best but they went out of business.

    3. What are you feeding? I am in the process of food changes due to hair loss in weird patches myself. I had our dog allergy tested, so I just ordered a food that doesn't contain anything he is allergic too, which was a lot, we found out. We were feeding IAMS for years and are hoping this food change will help with the coat.

    4. MalaKet wipes are a godsend. They don't smell great but they help with the folds. Anytime Mr. D has had yeast we used those as well as a cream - you can use women's yeast infection cream or even a cream for athlete's foot (I went with this one because it was cheaper and did the trick) I now only seem to need to use them once a week, or every 4-5 days....

    5. After a bath, to help with drying, I will sprinkle pure cornstarch in/on the tail area and face wrinkles. It seems to help a lot too, even if it's not the easiest thing to do.

    6. Ours had an ear yeast infection once too. After we went through the prescribed ointment for the ear, we make double sure to clean the ears with PhytoVet CK Antiseptic flush - there are other ones out there too, I have also used Malacetic Otic, but it doesn't have the Ketoconazole I think they need. There should be no brown gunk in the ear - clean with cotton balls and make sure to do after a bath so no water is sitting in the ear. I now only really clean the ears every week to two weeks and he's been good.

    I have found the best thing to do is be proactive, before the yeast gets out of control, which happened once with us and our poor baby had yucky wrinkle stains that have since gone away, now that we are super regimented with his care. Even doing all of this his folds get irritated every so often, and the antifungal cream helps it in just a few days. I know it's a lot of product to use and not cheap, and this doggie has an arsenal of things we use for him that we keep on top of his crate so they're right there when we need them. I know you want your bullie to look great and I want ours to as well, but don't let the bald spots make you too nuts. I got real aggravated with mine, and found they aren't from mites or anything ooky, and he doesn't scratch them and they are not oozy, red, or irritated. So I am really hoping the food change helps and trying not to be too upset about the hair loss, since it's not hurting him, it just isn't attractive. I don't put anything on the little bald spots, and the vet didn't advise me to either.

    I really stress the ant-yeast products, you can order most of them on the net, which is what I have to do.

    I wish you luck and hope your baby is better soon!

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    Default Re: Bald spots...

    @LeslieLain what are you feeding? Food plays a big role in these types of issues. Where are you located.. did you check our list of bulldog recommended vet in the health forum?

    My girl has lots of issues with yeast too... we cut out white potatoes from her diet and she does not have as much issue with it now, still under the tail, but that cleans up nice with unscented baby wipes daily and witch hazel on cotton pad twice a week.
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