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Thread: help with potty training

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomjerri72 View Post
    thank you for that. I have taken all bedding away and she is not in a crate because, it did stay wet. I got her new bedding and just put it on the floor. We were playing and she just walked over and peed. I treated her like a puppy and sent her outside and let her stay out for a while and brought her back in.
    Go outside with her and work the key words you want to use with her to potty train. She may just be going out there and amusing herself and then when you let her in she will go right back to the bedding and pee. Do you happen to know any of her back history?
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    she did go out a few times to just look at the grass and want to come in. I started putting a leash on her and walking her and when she went pee I would give her her treat. Now we want to go out sit and sit and sit then when we get tired of that we still want the treat when we come in... Its all a game. I don't know much about her background, she has had puppies and her vet has checked her for uti. I will keep doing what I am doing maybe she will come around.

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    As usual lots of advice here. This is what is so great about this community, people from ALL over have similar situations that can be helpful for problems.
    Potty training and re-training is one of the hardest and longest process for some dogs. As said, all dogs are different and while what works for one might not work for another.
    Taking away bedding is a good idea for now. The fact that your dog will go over and pee on the pad is a great start ! keep moving the pad close to the door and slowly work towards outside. You didn't mention if you have another dog or not. If this is your only dog, then yes, staying outside with your dog to watch for when Hazel does her biz will allow you to extremely praise for positive reinforcement. It might take 5 minutes or 20 minutes. Don't rush. Don't stare at her, but rather just look around in a general direction so you can use peripheral vision to spot when she does it. Some dogs are "shy" and won't go if you watch them. I walk around and just look at the trees or other areas while potty training.
    I would also suggest, as others, that after you feed, allow many other opportunities to do biz outside. Consider us, some go quicker, others take longer...
    Things will work out, be patient and DO NOT show anger or upset if you see a mess or have to clean up a mess. They know...

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