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Thread: Dog keeps going in the house........

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    Unhappy Dog keeps going in the house........

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a first time Bulldog owner and I am getting frustrated...... We rescued (adopted) Buster last Thursday and he has peed in the house every day and has also gone poop. We take him out several times a day and since yesterday he refuses to go outside and go potty for me. After trying to let him out he walked away and peed on the kitchen floor. We were told that he is 3 years old but we don't know for sure.

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    We were going through the same issue with our Lola. She was a stray but she's here to stay 😃. Just be patient and consistent. Lola is finally doing better. She hasn't had an accident in the house for a week now. I would take her out and walk all around sometimes for an hour then shed come in and go in the house. She knew she wasn't suppose to go inside because she would coward and hide. I'm thinking whoever had her "punished" her for accidents. Like I said lots of patience, try to figure out his schedule. As soon as Lola wakes or comes out of her crate, out we go. About an hour after she eats, out we go. When we come in after she goes she gets a treat and lots lots lots of praise.

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    Default Re: Dog keeps going in the house........

    I would crate train him for now and just keep taking him outside. It will take awhile for him to learn but be patient and consistent with him. He will get it one day.
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    Default Re: Dog keeps going in the house........

    You must start over like a new pup. They will often revert to this behavior when placed in a new situation. Change is very stressful for them. Take him out every 30 minutes during the day and after playing or eating. After a few days you can lengthen the time to an hour. I would put him on a leash in the house and this way you won't miss the beginning of him going. Gentle correction is imperative. You mustn't punish him or yell. He has to learn to trust you besides all the other new things in his life. He might never have been properly trained. I agree with David. I would crate train him and keep leashed until YOU get used to his routine. If you need some tips on crate training an adult dog..let me know. I have a great article I will link you to.

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