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Thread: aggressive behaviour on walks

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    Default aggressive behaviour on walks

    our bullies go on an off-leash walk almost every day. my husband takes them 95% of the time, bc i work so much and he is semi-retired. we were discussing ollie's behaviour on walks and we don't really know what to do about it and would like to fix it.

    ollie can be quite aggressive on walks. he charges new dogs. if the dog is confident, there are no problems. however, if the dog displays any fear or weakness, ollie becomes, well....a bully. he scares people sometimes. he has never bitten anyone or any dog, but the behaviour is stressful and we don't like that he has the capability to knock some poor soul over, or worse, hurt someone or another dog.

    ordinarily he is a gentle giant and very affectionate, but this stuff he does on walks is unacceptable.

    i can't use a shock just freaks me out.

    any ideas?
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    I had this problem with Chanel! It is a different breed more powerful but same idea! So we would go for a walk and she would see another dog an go nuts! She was friendly with family's pets,friends pets! As she was ready to start barking I would say NO very firm and tug her collar(easy with bully) and make her sit! Right when she sat I would giver her a treat and if she walke past a dog with no sound she would get a treat! Positive and Firm! The dog whisperer really helped me! I never had that problem with Brutus as he followed her lead and she is perfect now! It takes a lot of time and paitence!

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    Default Re: aggressive behaviour on walks

    If Ollie senses any nervousness from the person(s) with him.... he is going into guard mode also, if it is only 'weaker' dogs it is pack mentality to attack the weaker link. There is a book titles 'The other end of the leash' which is a good read for understanding dog behavior and how to address it
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