My name is Tilly and I think I am about 3 years old. Not sure exactly how my life ended up this way, but I am here to say I am certainly glad that I was rescued. I have a awful cut on the side of my neck that is really painful, and I have heart worms. I know I was born a beautiful bulldog baby and someone promised to love me and take care of me forever. Forever for me was not very long. My family made me have puppies and I think I was just a puppy myself when I had puppies! I was picked up my a great animal control person that immediately knew I needed help. When I heard that I was going to LSBCR I was jumping for joy. I was even more excited when someone said “Tilly someone is here for you!” I was dancing and prancing and licking and kissing and I was hurrying really fast to get out to the car and out of town to start my new life. Then guess what happened to me? Every shelter worked came out of their office and hugged my neck and told me they loved me and I was beautiful and I was going to have the most amazing new life with a family that would love me forever. I laid down right their in the lobby and was kicking my legs in the air so fast with excitement everyone starting to cry and I was just like “Please don’t let this moment end, let me be loved like this forever!”
I am headed to the vet to start my Heart Worm treatment, to get spayed, and have all my vaccinations. And in about 30 days I will be ready to have that new life with a new family that will love them forever! Signing off, Silly Tilly the Bulldog Babe.

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