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Thread: Stella & Chewy question..

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    Default Stella & Chewy question..

    We decided to switch Blue over to Raw due to his allergies. I don't know anymore if it's the actual protein, the peas, or even the potatoes. Could also be environmental. Thing is, we won't know until he's a little older, closer to 2
    before we'll do the allergy testing.

    I spoke to the owner of a Pet Store/Spa that lives in my building. He said one of his dogs also had allergies until he switched him over to Stella and Chewy and now, no more allergies. I know he feeds him a mix of the frozen and freeze dried.

    The good about product is that it's very easy for me to get. Three stores, all within walking distance of me carry it, so that's a huge plus. Also, it's an organic product, and it doesn't look like any of their food contains grains, peas, or potatoes. I did email them to confirm though.
    The bad is the price, it's an expensive food. But when I think about how much we spend on all the products trying to keep him itch and hive free, it probably comes out to about the same.

    Wondering if anyone here is feeding, or has fed this to their bullie and what they think?

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    Default Re: Stella & Chewy question..

    I'm curious too, it's one of the brands I've been researching and I'm all about organic!! Wondering what the monthly cost is, if anyone has feedback.

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    Default Re: Stella & Chewy question..

    Wow I just did a quick google search and that is pricey! I have never heard of this brand until you mentioned it, what about instinct raw? You would def. get much more for your buck and just as good as stella and chewy. If locating products is a issue the other option would be to order online.
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