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Thread: Raw Diet - Potential Chicken Allergy Questions

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    Default Raw Diet - Potential Chicken Allergy Questions

    Hi Everyone-

    First post here. I have an 11 month old English Bulldog whom I recently changed over to a raw diet (1.5 months ago) after observing what I deemed to be symptoms of a food allergy (bad facial acne, bald spots, general disinterest in food (he's normally voracious)). After the expected "adjustment" period of occasional diarrhea, his symptoms cleared right up. No more acne at all, no more bald spots, his coat is amazingly smooth and he's very hungry again when its time to eat.

    Recently however, it seems as though he's having digestion problems. His stools are 80% what you would expect from a dog on a raw diet - hard and small. However occasionally he'll have small amounts of diarrhea, last night being his latest bout. It is very confusing to me how he could go from almost laboring to pass a stool that is very compact and hard, to having diarrhea in the same day. I'm wondering if this is indicative of an allergy or complication caused by his diet.

    Also, another recent development- he seems to itch his eye right after he eats. This does not occur every single time, but he does paw at his eye and only after eating. The first time he did this it caused a cherry eye in his left eye, which I was able to massage back into place. I dismissed it as a freak occurrence. However a couple days later he did the same thing, and the cherry eye came back. I massaged it in again, and now have observed this behavior only directly after eating.

    He is currently being fed a pre-ground mix of chicken backs, bone, and organ meat that I procure from a local vendor. He is approximately 45lbs in weight.

    Can anyone please shed some light on what I might try to clear up the occasional diarrhea and his itchy eye?

    Thanks so much,


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    Default Re: Raw Diet - Potential Chicken Allergy Questions

    Hi Helder, first off, welcome to EBN!!

    Sounds like you are taking really great care of your bully in the nutritional department.
    I myself am not experienced with raw feeding but I'm going to alert @savemejeebus who has experience with this type of diet.

    As far as the occasional diarrhea, you can try pure pumpkin...about a tablespoonful into his food to help with that. The itchy eyes after eating is a curious thing and certainly does sound like an allergy.

    I know others will come along to help you further with this issue! Stay tuned.

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    Default Re: Raw Diet - Potential Chicken Allergy Questions

    Too much organ meat can cause diarrhea, they shouldn't have organ everyday either, mix it up a bit. 80% muscle , 10% bone and 10% organ , too much skin can also cause loose stool . necks are mostly cartilage, I use to feed raw, but it got so time consuming and expensive because I would grind my own meals for them and purchased human grade food from grocery stores and butcher shops. I have 5 bullys, yikes

    pork muscle and beef are also good . heart is also good muscle , someone with more experience should be along soon

    by the way to EBN
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    Default Re: Raw Diet - Potential Chicken Allergy Questions

    Hi, and welcome to EBN. Like Sherry said organ can cause loose stools and you could just try switching the meat. When starting with raw it's adviced to start with one source of protein and see how it works, when there's no ill reaction add another. You should feed at least 3 different meats. If you think he's allergic to chicken try turkey or pork even beef. Liver is one the most nutrition rich organs, but it also gives loose stools easily. So try giving something else first and then after awhile add liver in small doses.

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    Default Re: Raw Diet - Potential Chicken Allergy Questions

    I just got back to EBN and saw this thread. How is your bully doing? Is he doing better now?

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