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Thread: How much/what to feed?

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    Default How much/what to feed?


    Im trying to transit from kibble to raw.. they have been on Nature's Logic and ID for gastrointestinal health, eating twice a day.
    Before, I was feeding 1 cup and half in the morning and other at night.

    Now I have been doing half to one and mixing the kibble with rice and chicken, or I add cottage cheese/yougurt, pieces of fruits and vegetables, or the raw meet with fruits/vegetables as well.

    My question is, is there anything they should NOT have everyday? -eggs (I have been giving boiled egg, had no idea they could eat it raw too?!), or cottage cheese, or a fruit/vegetable?-

    Do I keep just one source of protein - like chicken- or its okay to vary with others meats, fish?
    How much to feed? 1 cup and half too?

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    Default Re: How much/what to feed?

    I don't feed raw but here is the link to the forum of raw feeding you can get some tips there.
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    Default Re: How much/what to feed?

    usually 1 protien like chicken for a couple of weeks ,if your dog takes to it then add another protien and so on,leave the organs till later,take it slowly dont rush raw,eggs are fine i used to feed 1 a day raw,if poops are soft top up the bone content ,if poops are too firm feed less bone ,karen

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