Hi everybully! I'm the new Foster on the block. My name is Dillon and they say I'm almost 3 years old. I came a long way to get here! All the way from South Dakota! A really nice human gave me my freedom ride. Then, these 2 new humans took over and brought me to their home. When we arrived, they took me right into the pink room for a bath. I let them give me a bath without much fuss only because I like any excuse for a massage. After the bath.....I came out to explore the new place. There were new beds and blankets to choose from and a really good meal to eat and toys to play with. The foster mom said I can't have squeaky toys anymore. I don't know why, I thought I did great when I killed it. I got lots of belly rubs and soft words. At bedtime, I have a big room all to myself and choice of beds. I picked the crate, but this time, no one locked me inside. I liked that.
We had a busy weekend of meeting new people and going for walks. I'm also fond of the furry moving thing called Yeti (it's a cat). My foster mom said I focus on him a little much, but I just want to hug him and kiss him and call him my friend. My foster parents tell me I need to mind manners, but I'm don't know what manners are, I just like to let everybully know I'm here and ready to accept belly rubs. My foster mom said not everyone can appreciate a bulldog in your face. Oh, one last thing, my dogtor says I'm Heartworm Positive. My foster family is treating me and hopefully soon I'll be all healthy again.

Wow! I know why I'm so tired now. I really must snooze.


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