Hello, World!

My name is Penelope! I was just recently given that name by my foster mom because I have never had one before! Iíve always been a cage number. I was freed from a nasty puppy mill where I was used to produce puppies to fill the pockets of the greedy humans operating it. Disgusting, right? Iíd never known love, Iíd never had a warm place to sleep on cold winter nights, and Iíd never had space to stretch my legs and get comfy. Kindness and gentleness were foreign and I am still trying to figure out how to handle all this newfound goodness! But despite it all, I am the happiest little bully girl with the BEST (if I do say so myself) bully butt wiggle. I am just so grateful for this chance at life outside the puppy mill. I never thought Iíd feel this thing called love, and now that I have it, I donít ever want to be without.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am four years old and I like to act like a silly puppy. Like I said before, I am still figuring out all of this goodness and manners are a current priority for my foster mom and dad. Theyíre working with me to know how to behave myself. They say I am THE SWEETEST, but Iím a little ďunrefined,Ē whatever that means. Iíll get it figured out eventuallyÖ just keep the treats coming and youíll soon have a perfect angel on your hands! I LOVE treats and anything else that is edible, really. Iím a classic bulldog!

I have some anxiety, but Iím very brave and have come a long way already in the short time Iíve been in foster care. I LOVE humans and other dogs and my foster mom says I donít have a mean bone in my body. Of course I donít! Why would I ever be mean?! Thatís just silly. I love everyone and everything. There are two young human kids (toddlers) in my foster home. They love me and I love them right back. Iím kind of like a bull in a china shop, but otherwise Iím so good with them! Thereís absolutely nothing aggressive about me, just typical donít-know-my-own-strength bulldog type stuff. Again, manners are a work in progress.

I am realizing that touches from humans can be gentle and I donít flatten out on the floor like a pancake anymore when my foster parents reach down to pet me. I love my crate and am gradually spending more and more time outside of it, although I still mostly pace around. I know no one will hurt me now, which is the best feeling in the world. I didnít know humans could be so kind.

Now letís talk about one of my more impressive accomplishments Ė POTTY TRAINING. Iím just going to say it like it is: I rule. I have only had 2 accidents in the house since coming to IEBR early on. 2!!! This is SUPER impressive, I must say. Potty training can be especially difficult for rescued mill dogs, but not for me! I am smart and Iíve been following the lead of my two foster brothers! Theyíre great about showing me how to be a good dog. Iím super proud of myself and so are my foster parents.

I love my crate. I sleep in there and stay there when my foster family is at work. My foster mom believes I definitely have a mischievous streak, and plus I just love my crate because itís my safe zone. So itís a win-win. Maybe someday I will be able to have free reign of the house when my people are gone, but I donít think itís in the near future. What can I say, Iím a curious girl!!! Making up for lost time.

Medically, I am kind of a mess at the moment, but Iím on the mend. My paws are beat up from the mill and I have open sores we are trying to get healed. I also have a funky toenail situation going on. My eyes are a mess, so we are trying some prescription eye drops. If they donít work, my doctor will do some more checking into other possible causes for the irritation and drainage, etc. My eyes are really uncomfortable and I know I will feel much better once we find the right treatment for the problem. The other physical issue I have is with my right back leg. I must have torn my ACL at some point, which my kind puppy miller had no problem completely disregarding and ignoring as I suffered. As a result, I have quite a bit of pain and difficulty walking. Between my paws and my knee, I limp quite a bit and have a hard time with stairs.

Speaking of stairs, I am terrified of them. I just started going UP steps to get back inside the house, but I still refuse to go DOWN them. Iím just not sure of myself when it comes to things like going down steps. I am so afraid Iíll fall. Iím working hard on overcoming this fear though, and I think soon I will give it a shot. I promise Iíll keep trying. Thatís one thing you can count on with me Ė I will never give up!

I hope youíll consider giving me the home Iíve never had but always desperately wanted my whole life. I am such a loving and sweet girl, plus Iím a lot of fun!! I have so much personality and canít wait to share it with you. In the meantime, Iíll be getting well and learning all my manners in my foster home. They love me so much and I have NO doubt you will too.




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