Hi Friends!

My name is Maude. I am a 7 year old girl that recently found myself in foster care. I had been part of a family my whole life and they loved me, but my family was no longer able to take care of me so they did the next best thing by finding IEBR.

I am a laid back girl and have handled the transition into my foster home and family really well. I was a little unsure of things at first, but I already love it! These people treat me great and have done a lot to help me feel better. I am very happy and content.

Let me tell you a little about my fabulous personality. I am a HUGE cuddler. I love spending time with my foster family so much! I like to be RIGHT on TOP of you. Hope you don't mind. I have a 10 month old skin foster brother that I absolutely adore. I follow him around and I even supervise bath time. He's my buddy and we make a great pair.

I am housebroken and don't use a crate, but I probably would be okay if I had to be in one. My foster parents say I don't need it though because I'm so well-behaved. I have only had one accident since being rescued, and that's despite a RAGING bladder infection!! I hardly every bark - usually only when my foster brother gets me going by barking at things outside. It's rare that I make noise though.

I am also great with my bulldog foster brother and sister 99% of the time. My foster parents introduced us slowly and continue to take it at MY pace. Slow and gradual introductions seem to be good for me. Once in a great while, I get just slightly grumpy with my bulldog foster siblings for no apparent reason, but I'm not mean... I just growl a little. My foster parents say I'm easy to read, whatever that means... so they can intervene right away by separating me for a timeout. Like I said though - my foster parents are taking it slow with me, which I appreciate. I lived with a boxer in my former home and supposedly did great with him. My former owners also said I was fine with other dogs coming into my home,so my foster parents think I'm just a little confused right now - rightfully so, if I do say so myself! I think I'll be fine with love and patience and slow introductions.

I had a lot of medical concerns that weren't being properly addressed. They loved me, but didn't have a bulldog-savvy vet taking care of me. Also, they didn't really understand how high maintenance us bullies are, so a lot of chronic issues are now finally being taken care of by my foster family. I'm already starting to feel better than I ever have, thanks to some good medications and excellent vet care. I'll tell you about my ailments.

I came into rescue with a raging bladder infection. I had bloody urine. I have had recurrent bladder infections and have been treated with antibiotics over and over. My foster vet did some xrays right away to see if there might be stones causing the recurrent infections, but nothing showed up. It might be because I have so much extra skin around my vulva that I keep getting infections. If this is the cause, weight loss will help reduce this problem.

So that leads me to my weight problem. I'm a little chubby, I'll admit it. I didn't get much (any) exercise in my previous home, so I kind of packed on the pounds. I am about 80# of pure beauty if you ask me. But I'll admit I could stand to lose a few... like 10-15#. Based on my size, my foster parents assumed I would be a maniac for food, but I'm not! I eat what's in my bowl, but I don't beg at mealtime or anything. I am on a strict ration now and I'm also getting a good amount of exercise (short walks, time in the yard, etc.). My foster parents are convinced I'm already dropping some weight. It's going to help make me feel so much better! I can't wait to be a trim 65-70#. I'm a big girl - big boned and long/tall, so I'll never be a small bullie girl. Big and beautiful - that's me!

I have chronic dry eye in both eyes. I have absolutely no tear production at all. This was never tested,so I was never treated for this painful problem. I am not getting Cyclosporine drops in both eyes twice a day as well as artificial tears several times a day. I can't tell you how much this has helped! My eyes were so red they looked like they were bleeding when I was first rescued. In just a week of meds, my eyes have very little green discharge and they are pink now instead of red. It was so bad that I have lost some of my vision. My foster mom thinks that is improving with the meds too. I was so uncomfortable but now I'm so much better! I also have some mild entropion, but my foster vet does not think I need surgery. Yay!!!

I have an ear infection too, but that's no big deal. Getting ear meds for it, and my ear is also much, much better already.

All in all, I am on the right track. I love it here, but I can't wait to have a family to call my own once again. Please consider adding me to your family. I will love you more than you ever knew possible. I am such a sweet girl and my foster family says the family to adopt me will be SUPER lucky. Can't wait to hear from you.



Update: I've been ADOPTED!

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