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this a great thread! i used to have a rumba, can't say anything nice about it except i didn't have to push it myself. lol. we had a german shepherd, bull mastiff, and two shitzus when i had the rumba, so maybe it was too much of a challenge for the little guy. I currently have a junky dirt devil because i just needed a vacuum after my hoover broke and i couldn't justify $500 towards a vacuum. So i have had my DD for a year since i can't decide what to get. lol. it's so hard to decide when you're a frugal psycho like me.
You sound exaxtly like me! I'm such a tight wad. lol I bought my house last month, and since then I've had to buy a new fridge and now a new dishwasher. I still need a vacuum and lawn mower, baby gate to keep the dog in the kitchen, etc. etc. It never ends!