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I have the license and chip tag on his 'breakaway' collar. It's one that will pull apart if he ever gets stuck. He did that on the porch couch as a youngin.. He liked to get under everything and his license got hung up on a spring.. thank goodness I hadn't put the heavy duty clip on it yet and it spread apart and let him loose. for me, lesson learned. Now if he's out playing and he gets hung up on something the collar will 'break away' then for his Other walking, we have his martingale (with quick release), and his Julius k9 harness. (and then a few more as that's kind of fun for us..
I remember reading that they can get their collars stuck on something and choke to death. Because of that, I don't do collars while inside of the house. I looked at the Julius K9 but it looked so bulky.