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Thread: Military family needs help relocating bully

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    Default Military family needs help relocating bully

    Please help! please read the summary on our gofundme page and consider helping us! We so appreciate this page and all the advice it has given us. If you have any for us now, we'd love to hear it. Thank you again --

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    Default Re: Military family needs help relocating bully

    I read your request, and my hubby is retired military so I completely understand your predicament. On FB very recently there was a story of a bulldog not surviving a flight to Hawaii because he was in the cargo hold and at some point got overheated. If I was in your position I would have my bulldog certified to become a therapy dog so that he would be allowed to sit in the plane beside me. I have NO idea what this would entail, but my hubby suffers from PTSD and around here many dogs are trained to help soldiers. Just an idea…

    Honestly I wish the airlines would consider the needs of people who own dogs that are brac breeds willing to pay extra to allow them to fly with their parents. I understand allergy issues and all of that, but maybe if an airlines would set aside a pet only flight for people to have an option. So frustrating…

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