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Thread: Does anyone know why some breeders "euthanize" their deaf puppies?

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    Default Re: Does anyone know why some breeders "euthanize" their deaf puppies?

    Quote Originally Posted by arimaeis View Post

    I fostered this girl for three months. She is a blind and deaf Great Dane named Pumpkin. She had a sibling that was also deaf. They are both the result of breeding a Harlequin to a Harlequin, it can create a condition called Fatal White.

    I don't agree with the euthanasia of deaf pups but I can also understand the point of view that sometimes it's better for the well being of the dog. Both Pumpkin and her brother ended up in horrendous situations because of their disabilities. Her brother went to a good home but managed to pull the leash out of his owners hand and did not see the visual cues or feel the vibration cues that where being given to him as he ran into the street he was hit and killed.

    Pumpkin ended up living on a back porch for the first two years of her life, skinny and ignored because her owner was not experienced enough to train her or care for her needs properly. She has since moved on to a fantastic home with a family that has previously cared for a blind and deaf Dane.

    If every deaf puppy could be guaranteed a home where they would be safe and could be trained well and managed I'm all for saving every one of them, but there are so many deaf dogs being born that finding them the proper home is hard to do.
    That is horrible and its a shame that people neglect them like that, in most cases the people arent informed that the dog is deaf. Therefore they think the dog is untrainable and a burden. It breaks my heart becaue deaf dogs are SOO INTELLIGENT and have great potential when given the proper tools as with any dog. I give you a big KUDOS for fostering a deafie most people wont even consider it.

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    Default Re: Does anyone know why some breeders "euthanize" their deaf puppies?

    growing up we had a dog that when he got old he went deaf and blind, since he grew up at our place he knew where everything was and if we moved something somewhere else he would run into it cause he knew it wasnt supposed to be there... he adapted really quick w his changes he started smelling a yr later and ended up having to put him down he was getting miserable a friend of mines rotwieller got shot and ended up only having 3 legs when we were riding horses he would be out there w us running right along side the horse. dogs will learn to adapt prolly better than a human would when loosing a leg or eye or going blind.

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