I agree a good breeder stands by his/her pups. We always (since Mimi) look To find a good breeder to find our pups. Then again you never know what you are going to get. Mimi probably came from a puppy mill. Several thousand $ in eye surgeries. Mila came from major champions and turned out to be deaf. The breeder refunded part of the purchase price and probably sold her deaf sister (she didn't realize her sister was deaf until we told her Mila was) at a discount. Btw Mila is one of the sweetest happiest dogs on the planet. Always looking at us for direction. Rudy's breeder has contacted us many times and visited our house to see how he is doing. Don't worry if the breeder is no responsive or you don't get papers. The papers won't make you happy but I can pretty much guarantee that cute little bulldog pup will.