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Thread: Chubby Meg update photo,s at 6 weeks old

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2BullyMama View Post
    So good to hear you are all safe and warm and no nasty damage

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    Thanks bud ya we made it , since we moved here only the Tornadoes were the worst then this one but were all good and it is melting now so even gooder

    ...everyone else in a room with you is pinching their noses snore like a chain saw. takes too much energy to beg
    ...your snore is louder than your bark have never seen your tail...what is a tail anyways?'re the loudest snorer in the house.

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    Default Re: Chubby Meg update photo,s at 6 weeks old

    awwwwwwwwwww, breath of fresh air this is to read I love 'salt of the earth' I'm so stuck where I am now it seems because my kidos, who I love as much as my dog live close enough to stop by. I still long for the mts and weather and this is making me think,,, heck, a 2 hour drive to visit them may not be to bad. All my life I have pretty much lived for my animals as well.. in a good heathy way I love them to be happy... I do live on 1/3 of an acre still, and hank loves his freedom within that, but I soooooooooooo miss long OFF leash walks crossing creeks and smelling pines ... Anyway, thanks for this 'note'... I thoroughly enjoyed
    Quote Originally Posted by natski282 View Post
    I always knew we would come here , I like the people real salt of the earth even the ones you might not ask over for a bbq would show up in a flash if you were in trouble and be ready to help . I like you do not mind the weather , love the changes in the seasons . I wanted as big a property as i could afford we now have 8 acres for my dogs call me a idiot but a lot of this is for my dog,s . i wanted to be able with no big city hassle to have space let em run and mostly give some dogs that would normally be put down or shot a place to call home with unconditional love . I am at my limit on the numbers now for saves , the bulldogs are My favorite breed and i have had many many different breeds but there top of the pile for us .
    thanks for the nice comments Jill

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