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Alright we will give that a shot thanks. The vet told us he was likely allergic to something. His whole back is coverered with scabs and he is chewing his paws. His snotty nose is getting better after some steam showers though. Matilda had the same issues and worse which is why i figured we are dealing with allergies again.
Like I mentioned earlier, Rare 2-3 month old gets any allergies from any food cause they’re bodies still have mommy’s milk so they are well protected. Like a human baby drinking Mom’s breast milk. Good immune system. That being said, if his parents were fed only RC that’s not healthy for the pups. You mentioned he is getting scabs all over his back and has a very running nose with thick green boogers. Did the vet do a scrap to analyze the skin issue? Also as you probably know, thick green boogers is a sign of infection.