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Thread: Suggestions needed on how to get your bully to drop a few pounds

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    Default Suggestions needed on how to get your bully to drop a few pounds

    Mandy is the first bulldog who is a bit on the chubby side. She was overweight when she arrived to our home. She could lose 5lbs, and we have had her now for about 3 months, I have given her plenty of exercise, reduced her food intake by 1/4 (she gets about 2cups a day). She LOVES her food. More than my other bullies.

    Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to help her drop some of her weight? I know it has only been 3 months, but I expected to see some results by now....
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    Hi, just thought muscle vs fat weight don't know if it applies to canine world would think yes since you are exercising her more .Am curious to hear others input would like to ask vet as well. Has her bloodwork been check for your concern with weight issue??

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    All I can say is give veggies for snacks. My boys LOVE frozen green beans, lima beans, etc and fresh carrots although they say they dont actually get the nutrients from them. My boy also could lose 4 pounds or so, imagine if I wasnt giving veggies for snacks?!?!?! He would be a tub-o apparently. lol

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    I'm trying to get my Dexter to exercise too. You may already be doing these things but thought I would put down my routine.

    stick. It's maybe a five min play for him but it gets him moving from a slow walk to a very light jog to get it. He's still learning this game of course. If he starts chewing on it I find another stick to redirect.

    stairs and chicken. He'll do anything for a tiny piece.

    toy with string. Gets him going

    I'm also teaching him to leash for me but we are just walking at this point. Long term goal will be running but we go about 10 stop for a tiny piece.

    Hope this can help you with even more ideas as I would love to learn more ideas !!!!

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