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Thread: Lifes Abundance vs Fromms and Nuvet Plus

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    Default Re: Lifes Abundance vs Fromms and Nuvet Plus

    Welcome to the forum. I feed Amber and Ruby homemade food and Wellness Core Ocean. Its all about the bully if a food will or will not work, trial and error. Good luck and welcome. Grunt is beautiful!!

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    Default Re: Lifes Abundance vs Fromms and Nuvet Plus

    Quote Originally Posted by SgtGrunt View Post
    JeannieCO. Thank you so much for your advice. Yes I thought I should follow the breeders advice exact on food and supplement. Its my first Bull Dog!!! I live in Grand Junction CO. We took him to get his last round of vaccines to a vet. Do you know any clubs or Vets in my area who are specific to our breed?
    You're quite welcome. Wilson was my first bully and oh man I have learned a lot in the last 3 years. I switched his food immediately when we got him (he was on Science Diet). So far he's tried Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Earthborn, Fromm, Earthborn again and now he's back on Fromm. He actually does great on all those foods. I was just trying different foods for him. When I got Emma 2 years ago she was a bit more sensitive to fish and lamb. Makes her face really red so in switching her food around Wilson was along for the ride. Food has to be the hardest thing about bullies imo. Well maybe their stubbornness, lol. Emma does good on the Fromm Pork and Peas. The thing about dog food is that on a particular brand you can swap from one flavor to a next with no transition. I tend to transition fast with my guys but the normal transition is about a week with integrating the new food with the current food.

    Did you get Grunt from JonesBoys in Grand Junction? I had looked at them before but decided on another breeder. A friend of my hubby's got one from them this past summer, he's gorgeous.

    I don't know of a bulldog vet in Grand Junction. I have to call my vet tomorrow so I'll ask him. He's well-known in this area for his bully expertise. All you see in there is bullies, lol. It's great.

    For clubs I would just do a search (or ask your breeder they might know). It's a great way to get to know the breed too.

    Hope that helps a bit more.
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