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You already got great advice above from everyone, so I don't have much to add. I also have not heard of these treats, but we use the wellness soft chews and I tear them in half, for each one, but these are used only as a really special treat, otherwise we also use their Fromms Beef Kibble, as a treat to get them to come, or when we ask them to sit etc. at home they get fruits and vegetables. I have a couple of recipes for homemade treats and cookies, but I haven't tried making them yet, but plan to soon. I'm always leery of store bought treats because my guys don't really chew their food, but tend to inhale, especially Blossom, she's a food Hoover. Lol. I'm also worried about store bought treats, especially the ones from China, as we had a lot of recalls here in Canada, on these treats due to dogs getting sick with kidney failure, vomiting, and some died. Two women I work with lost their dogs, one a Sheltie, and one a Maltese to kidney failure, the vet couldn't 100% tell them it was from the chicken jerky treats from China, but they suspect, and a lot of other dogs had the same thing happen to them. It was in the news and I think it was Glycerin that they found in the treats that they said caused the illnesses and deaths. I want to try home made treats, because then you control the ingredients , and you know what's in them.
I have gone to making all Sheldon's treats as well as using raw veggies and fruits like you I too am leary of what they put in the treats this way I control what ingredients my guy ingests I know what he is getting I have also considered going to the raw diet with Sheldon so I can control what he is getting there too.

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