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Thread: Amount of food and size of bag for puppy

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    Default Amount of food and size of bag for puppy

    Reading many threads here and it looks like Fromm is the preferred choice. But I do have a couple questions regarding amounts and sizes.

    It doesn't sound like bulldogs will be allergic to any of the Fromms, but I'll get a small bag first and then following that, pending no reactions get a bigger bag.

    -How much does a puppy eat in a day? I've been reading anywhere from 2-4 cups? What does that translate into dog food lbs? (i.e. 4 cups is 3 lbs for example?) I want to be able to judge how long a bag should last.

    - Does it matter that they can scarf it up in mere seconds as it sounds like they can? Do you attempt them to slow down?

    - Favorite Fromms for a puppy? Read either 4 star bags or pink puppy bag. And feed this until 6-7 months.


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    Default Re: Amount of food and size of bag for puppy

    They can be allergic to some of the ingredients in Fromm, what make Fromm great (IMO) is if one does not work, it is an easiy transition to another flavor as you do not need to do the slow switch with Fromm products.

    My girl is allergic to chicken and sensitive to salmon, so I can only use two of the Fromm flavors (Beef Fritatta or Pork/Peas).

    As for the puppy questions -- I tagged a few members to help on that topic.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Amount of food and size of bag for puppy

    ok yes fromm puppy in the pink bag is what i see people use most till bout 6 months but some switch over to 4 star sooner like 3 or 4 months but i think 6 is preferred. i think 3/4 cup 3 times a day is the general rule but feed more of less depending on weight gain or loss. some here use a stainless slow feed bowl and some use a ball in the food bowl to slow down the dog. i use a raised feeding bowl and it helps sarah not choke on her food but its said it can increase the risk of bloat but she eats so much better with it ill risk it.

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    Default Re: Amount of food and size of bag for puppy

    I found that feeding Colossus about 2 1/2 - 3 cups per day a 4lb bag lasted me about a week (that was with Royal Canin Bulldog puppy). When I switched to Fromm I bought an assortment, so Ive lost track exactly how long the 30lb bag is lasting. I dont think you can go wrong with Fromm, they even have canned food you can mix iwth the dry kibble. I would recommend feeding the Beef or Pork.

    As stated, others would be more knowledgeable in this venue. I just follow their lead.

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