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Thread: Puppy- Food Amount

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    Default Puppy- Food Amount

    Hello! I have Tuni on Fromm Puppy Gold and she gets fed 3x/day at 3/4 cup per feeding. She weighs around 16.5 lbs @ 13 weeks. Her breeder suggested letting her eat as much as she wants for 15-20 mins, but I'm not sure how long (age) I should be doing that. I've been monitoring how much she eats for the past couple weeks because the bag says 2 1/4 cup max per day and sometimes I feel like she's still hungry after her 3/4 cup. Does anyone else let their puppy eat as much as they want for a certain time?

    I also have another food related question - some boards say that you should switch your bulldog puppy off "puppy food" after 4 months?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Puppy- Food Amount

    i have heard 3/4 cup 3 times a day is pretty standard. some switch there puppy off at 4 months and even sooner and some i think leave them on for 6 months or so depends on the owner i think. maybe add some health treats in between to help fill her up like green beans or banana or something. there will be others along with much more puppy experience than me though. what a cutie.

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    Default Re: Puppy- Food Amount

    I would switch anytime after 16 weeks b/c up until then is usually when they have a growth spurt! Brutus grew so much during that time and Im happy we had him on puppy formula. We switched him off puppy food at 8 months and went to Fromm 5 star Grain free.It sounds like you are feeding a good amount. Brutus was a hungry pup and active so I fed him a little more but he wasnt on Fromm at the time(didnt know better)so he needed more food and he wasnt staying full. You can give her treats as snacks also (fruit, veggies) thats what I do with Brutus.
    Her weight sound good
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