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Thread: What do y'all think about Now dog food and Solid gold?

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    Default What do y'all think about Now dog food and Solid gold?

    Hi all,
    Bongo and Louie are doing great Louie really is doing well on the Orijen large puppy breed but bongo has had inconsistent poops firm then soft and the last couple of days it's was diareah but that may be due to the fact we upped his portion.
    Im just not seeing the firm poops regularly. Does anyone have any experience with Now dog food or solid gold if so what your feedback thanks.
    Frank & Bongo

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    Default Re: What do y'all think about Now dog food and Solid gold?

    I used to feed Brutus Solid Gold Hunden Flocken Lamb/Rice Puppy and it was no good! I mean its not garbage but there is much better out there! Brutus hasd loose stools, nasty farts, eye boogers, and his coat didnt smell good. We switched and havent looked back since... What works for some doesnt work for everyone...The large breed isnt meant for bullies...They arent considered a large breed..That could be another reason! Bongo doesnt need puppy food any longer either...He is 20 weeks right? You can start him on all stages..I am not familiar what food you have available in your area but check out the food recomendations page in health/nutriten section to see what you can get. I always say try 6 star as its the best..If you cant then settle with 5 star...Hope this helps! Good Luck with everything..There will be others along soon... @cowsmom she is the food guru
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    Default Re: What do y'all think about Now dog food and Solid gold?

    ok if he was having soft then firm poop and then you upped his portion and it then became diarrhea i would say thats an indicator the food is to much for him at this point. now you can do one of two things. cut back his portion to what is was and then cut it back a bit more than that and id say his poop will firm up and be consistant. orijen is very rich food and you dont need as much as some other foods. if you are just set on changing his food since you live in canada why not use acana puppy. its not as rich and id say he would be ok. i do not like solid gold food really. i had 5 pets on 3 different kinds and none of them did well. my cats used now and they did fine on it and my dogs used go and did pretty well but honestly if you can make the orijen or acana work id use them over these other 2 you mentioned. let us know how hes doing

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