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Thread: Any opinions on Annamaet or Natural Planet Organics?

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    Default Any opinions on Annamaet or Natural Planet Organics?

    We've been struggling with allergies since December, but after a very expensive allergy test we've come to the conclusion that Samson has a very unique set of food allergies (as well as some pain in the butt environmental ones - Bahia grass in FLORIDA!). He is allergic to Salmon, Venison, Corn, Peas, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Alfalfa. Unfortunately, that means no more Dogswell Nutrisca, which is an excellent grain free, potato free (chickpea is the substitute filler), and gluten free dog food that's even recommended for diabetic dogs. Samson loves it, I love the quality, and just feel secure in feeding him such a quality food. Unfortunately, the 3rd ingredient is pea. Because it's next to impossible to allow him outside and avoid Bahia grass and some of his other outside allergens, I am focusing on the food side since it's more controllable. With potatoes and sweet potatoes as the most common substitutes for grains, and peas as a common vegetable protein booster, I'm afraid that I have no choice but to abandon the grain free diet. I considered going raw, but buying the freeze dried and dehydrated raw foods is just too expensive. Going with raw meats, bones, etc. and portioning and freezing myself is another option, but I live in an apartment and it just seems like it would be too messy of an endeavour. Although my post here isn't really about raw feeding, I am curious about those of you that raw feed from scratch (Do you feed outside? Do you ground the ingredients? What's the practicality of the raw feeding practice?). After starting with California Natural that has none of the ingredients that he's allergic to, I've come to the conclusion that it's not the right food; he's more gassy, the kibble is way too big in my opinion as he tends to scarf it down without chewing as most bully's do, plus I don't think he too much cares for the taste as he skips meals here and there or only eats some (he never did that with the Nutrisca). I did a lot of research and found Annameat Encore (25% protein), which was named on the list of recommended foods from the lab that ran his allergy test, and another that wasn't on the list called Natural Planet Organics (23% protein). Obviously, the latter using organic ingredients. Up until yesterday I was unfamiliar with both brands. Does anyone have any experience with these dog foods or any thoughts? Any help would be much appreciated.

    P.S. Sorry for the short novel......

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    When it's warm I feed outside in bowls. If I feed in the house I just lay a dog towel down and let that have it. They are trained to stay on the towel.

    I don't ground the ingredients, but I do keep ground patties in stock for when we go traveling or friends dog sit.

    It will be difficult to feed raw without a freezer. By difficult I mean more expensive. It's a personal thing you have to decide of it works for you, it seems you're a little backed into a corner at this point with the kibble.

    It depends where you live, some areas have great local companies that provide ground raw for a good price. Just make sure you know what is going in it, and in what amounts. You can choose to do ground patties, they are easy to fit into a fridge/freezer. Supplement with a few raw bones for teeth health, like turkey necks.

    Good luck on your quest!

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    Default Re: Any opinions on Annamaet or Natural Planet Organics?

    @Danny Nystrand hi danny sarah has many of the same allergies as your dog. i can look into it and see if there is some kibble for your dog. i do know of one great life rx formula. i dont know about raw and you may get more results posting that question in the raw food section. i feed sarah canned food. she is eating daves 95% beef. i cook her eggs and lowfat hamburger to add with it. she is doing well on it. its also not very expensive its 1.59 a can. now i do feed her a probiotic and a vitamin to make sure she is getting all she needs. im looking into some freeze dried raw to add with her canned. anyway i will see what i can find for you but yes no potato and peas and alfalfa makes it hard. there are other brands of 95 percent canned food you can look at. just an idea.

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    Default Re: Any opinions on Annamaet or Natural Planet Organics?

    My Boston is on Annamaet and loves it. I know it was listed in The Whole Dog Journal as a really good food. My bulldog is on Raw. I chose to go with raw frozen because life is so hectic right now I just don't have time to portion out everything and all 3 of my dogs are kept separate at feeding time do to one being old and very slow and the other 2 inhaling their food. I do give my bully supplements as she wasn't getting enough of certain vitamins.
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