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@JeannieCO-great news about Wilson! My Petee has tear stains. I'm hoping with the new food I switched him too works for it. I switched him to Nature's Variety Instinct beef and lamb meal formula. In the mean time, I have been using Eye Envy and it helps. He is under treatment for demodex mange, so right now, Petee's skin and coat doesn't look to good. I think I remember someone saying the Holistic is as good as Nature's Variety but cheaper. Will look into that at a later date... He seems to be doing well so I don't want to disrupt anything.
How old is Petee? I'm not too familiar with demodex mange but I what I knew I sure hope Wilson or Emma never get it. Wilson's always had a beautiful coat, as does Emma. They all get Grizzly Salmon Oil too. If Petee's doing well on the NV I'd wait a bit before changing him too. Keep us updated though, I'd like to know how Petee's doing.