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Thread: Wellness Brand food opinions & experiences please

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    Default Wellness Brand food opinions & experiences please

    Hi All,

    Were feeding Bongo Wellness Super 5 lamb puppy mix and were feeding our 8 month old Pug the Wellness adult Lamb food. I like it and the ingredients are really good it's rated high and both dogs like it but they will eat anything.
    I was wondering if anyone has has any experience with wellness and how was it. Also I'm not seeing super solid poops more soft serve it still has shape but pretty soft. Both my boys are the same now Bongo is 11 weeks old and Louie is 8 months old and i'm told under a year and in the puppy stage it's hard to get their poop consistent and that soft serve is normal.
    Any feedback and recommendations would be great.
    Frank & Bongo

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    Default Re: Wellness Brand food opinions & experiences please

    lola was on the super5 puppy when we got her from the breeder but she didnt like the flavor so we switched to several other foods in the meantime. food is trial and error. you wont know if the poops will get better unless you try to switch slowly over time.

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    Default Re: Wellness Brand food opinions & experiences please

    Uni is on Wellness 5. She eats it but doesn't seem to LOVE it, but maybe now that she is 11 moths old she is getting over the starving puppy stage. Where they eat like little piggies. Her poo is fine but she does seem to have some tear staining and farts, so I am going to try switch to Fromm, just am ordering it now from Petflow. I am still thinking about going raw, the vet was really on last time to switch her to raw, says that's best for this breed. but I am not ready yet I wan to know more before I take the plunge.
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    Default Re: Wellness Brand food opinions & experiences please

    I had Penny on Super 5 Puppy for a little while. The consensus I got here was the the soft serve was par for the course with this food. I also think she has a chicken sensitivity...she smelled bad on this food, was oily under her arms/legs (like her armpits), had bad breath, & tear stains. I really wanted to like it bc I could buy it locally and it is reasonable, yet still a highly rated food. We moved Penny to Fromm Puppy Gold from Wellness & she did so much better all around.

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