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Thread: Bulldogs and Vitamin C

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    Default Bulldogs and Vitamin C

    I had a question about giving bulldogs vitamin C supplements.

    As some of you know, Linus is being treated for a serious ear infection that may have ruptured his ear drum and penetrated his middle ear. He's on an antibiotic and an anti-fungal medication and an ear wash but the vet also recommended giving him a vitamin C tablet.

    I have not start giving Linus the vitamin C yet because I wasn't clear on what it's function was in Linus' treatment. I looked up giving vitamin C to dogs on Google and have found some conflicting information.

    Does anyone give their bully vitamin C? If so, what is the benefit?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Bulldogs and Vitamin C

    well it boosts the immune system. like vitamin c in humans if you have a cold. i tried it with sarah but even with a dose of like 100mg she could not handle the extra c. i just used reg vit c that people take. now i do know @karenben gives her bully vit c. ive heard ester c is better but have not tried that one yet on sarah. its worth a shot to see if it helps him get better. i would also give him some yogurt because the anti biotic may kill off some good bacteria in the intestine that keep bad bacteria in check. if not yogurt then an acidophilus pill. i so hope he gets better soon.

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    Default Re: Bulldogs and Vitamin C

    i did give vit c for a couple of months but to be honest i decided to try and go the quicker route as annies itch was getting way beyond a joke,i gave bovine collostrum for 2 weeks ,colloidal silver for a week then just a maintenance dose of 1ml daily in water,and have started emu oil,all of these supplement boost the immune system,vit c is a very slow build up and usually im very patient but got to the end of my rope so to speak,karen

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    Default Re: Bulldogs and Vitamin C

    I too tried extra vitamin c for Schultz ....because it can bolster the immune system but I didn't see any difference with his allergy response .... So I stopped ....I know that in humans we can only absorb a smallish amount 250mg at any one point and the rest gets flushed so to speak... My vet could never tell me how much an absorbable dose would be for Schultz which is another reason I stopped....

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