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Thread: Jubilee~~Available For Adoption in Eastern USA

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    Default Jubilee~~Available For Adoption in Eastern USA


    Are you ready to meet perhaps one of the cutest puppies to come through S.N.O.R.T.? Jubilee is a three-month old English bulldog puppy whose eyes will melt your heart!
    Jubilee was a breeder surrender to S.N.O.R.T. and we were more than happy to take this cute squish into our care! It's rare that a breeder will surrender a puppy so what was the reasoning? The breeder felt that several issues with her eyes made her unsellable, thus she was surrendered.
    Unsellable? Probably not. Loveable? Absolutely!! Jubilee is a puppy through and through and her energy is contagious! She is a very playful dog who loves to roughhouse and adores playtime outdoors. She needs a lot of exercise and her current foster family says she is quickly learning how to walk on a leash. Jubilee loves playing her foster fur siblings but sometimes her play bites hurt so she'll need continued work with obedience training.
    There isn't a mean bone in her body, though, as she has zero food or toy aggression. She just wants to play! She does love to play with anything that moves, though, so it's undetermined how she might do with a cat. Jubilee does love children, though, and would make a great addition to a family.
    Because she is still a puppy, her forever home will have to work with her on obedience and housetraining just like with any other puppy. Jubilee is crate trained and is working very on her housetraining. She's also an expert at the doggie door! Her new family would ideally be around for the majority of the day at least while Jubilee is being housetrained.
    So what about those eyes of hers that forced her surrender? Jubilee currently suffers from entropian (her lower eye lashes curl in) and cherry eye. Both are correctable with surgeries so her new home should schedule an appointment with their vet to get treatment recommendations. She may also have a nare issue and again, there are available surgeries that can help fix that if her vet feels it's necessary. Jubilee will also need to be spayed when she's a bit older and tested for lyme as she came to S.N.O.R.T. with several ticks on her.
    Her tummy is a bit sensitive so her treats are typically limited to fruits and veggies which fortunately she loves!
    Those issues may sound like a lot but overall Jubilee is one happy, healthy puppy! She is a very smart little girl who, while energetic, is still a bulldog which means she loves to cuddle and follows her family everywhere. She loves to play with chew toys (her squeaky tennis ball might be her favorite!) and because she loves to be outdoors, a fenced-in yard would be ideal in her new home.
    Just be sure to keep your eye on her – she gets into everything, as is typical of most puppies! Jubilee is growing like a weed, though, already checking in at 22 pounds! She also has quite a bark for a puppy so an apartment might not be ideal.
    Jubilee would make a great addition to just about any family. She's young, energetic and not to mention absolutely adorable! She is currently being fostered in Pennsylvania.


    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> S.N.O.R.T.

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!
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