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    I wanted to know if anyone one here has bought a puppy from a website and have had now major health problems with their dog if so could u send me a link because their are about a million sites and I don't wanna get scammed so if u own a puppy from a site to recommend please let me kno. Also if anybody has bought a puppy from louisisNa mississippi or fla of Alabama im from new Orleans but I'm willing to travel 5 hours in any direction to get a puppy if some one can recommend a breeder or if someone one here is a breeder please let me know I currently have one English bulldog female NAmed gypsy and would like a friend for her thanks in advanced i know nobody is allowed to advertise but Im just lookin for a reccome dation so I hope that's ok.

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    have you looked in the bca listing of breeders? That would be my first choice to start. They are very helpful and able to direct you if need be. I wouldnt buy online personally unless I had absolutely no choice in the matter.

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    thank u anybody know anything about graceland kennels not advertising just wondering if anybody knows of them good or bad.

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    Are you open to adoption? EBN has several listings of great bulldogs for adoption.

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