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    So I'm looking for a male companion for my 6month old girl duchess. I get so aggrevated with some "breeders" that say their breeding stock are 100% free of any allergies , eye issues, so on and so forth. It is so apparent that they are not and if all these "breeders" dogs were 100% healthy, then bullies wouldn't have so many health issues. Even the breeder I got my girl from was great until the point where she told me 2 days before she was to be flown to me that she had been bitten by one of her other females which resulted in scarring on her back. Mind you I had been wating for this pup since before the female was pregnant. It was a champion sired litter with very strong lines. well my girl is now 6 months old and the scarring remains on her back with very little hair growth, oh well it adds character and conversation. This utter disregard has sent me looking to Europe as I have found that FCI holds breeders much more accountable and to a higher standard than the AKC does. I really am wanting a european male. Any thoughts on European bloodlines? Does anyone have any European bloodlines in their bully?? The only thing that concerns me about getting a bulldog from Europe is the long travel time for the puppy, although I know they are shipped routinely. Any thoughts on AKC vs FCI??. Just reposting this as I posted in general discussion. Sorry new member.

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    Well me personally, I don't really know how you would check up on a breeder from over seas, there are so many puppy mills every where. @Lucy-licious will know several breeders in the UK that are good breeders. Me personally I will not fly any of my pups anywhere. To me it is not worth the risk of killing a pup, not to mention the stress on the pup. We send pups all over the U.S. and only ground transport them. That being said there are good breeders over there but also good breeders here. You just need to do your home work and check references and also talk to vets about a certain breeder. There are several good reputable breeders on this forum as well.
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    I think you will find that there are the same problems over here when it comes to overbreeding and health issues. There are good and bad breeders everywhere. The key is research, find out everything you can about the breeder and the lines..if you can't find anything don't buy. Over here the Kennel Club lists all newly registered puppies by area, but all that does really is say that the puppy will have papers, however a lot of them will have the pedigree listed so you can research a little more.
    Try joining an English or European forum and ask there. The breeders on the English forum are very knowledgable but also very opinionated but it might be worth a try x

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