vet bill

  1. TxMom2

    Insurance for English bulldogs...??? Yay or Nay??

    Hi Fellow Bulldog LoVers!:heart: I recently got 2 new baby english bulldogs, 2 weeks ago. We have pet insurance through the AKC until June 4. I am looking at pet insurance options and wanted to ask my fellow bulldog lovers and experienced English Bulldog owners, what kind of vet bills do you all...
  2. J

    Help Needed! My Bully has developed a cherry eye :(

    Hello! new to the board so forgive me if this has been posted, asked and answered before. My bully, Ramsay, has developed a cherry in his right eye. It comes and goes, but it mostly makes its appearance when he is rowdy. He is roughly 50lbs and was told benadryl could help with the irritation...