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    Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself. I am a part of a writers team. I've been working there for over 2 years, creating content related to dogs. I found this forum occasionally when looking for articles about English bulldog traits, care tips, etc. The thing is - I am going to have one handsome...
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    Help Needed! Weight Loss from Giardia Parasite

    My 4 month old male Fitz was diagnosed with the Giardia parasite last week. My veterinarian prescribed him Metronidazole and Panacur. He is almost finished with the medications and he seems to be acting completely normal. No loose stools or vomiting! However my concern is that he has lost about...
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    General Question Bringing home a 2nd bulldog. NEED ADVICE

    March 1st we will be brining home our second English bulldog. Our current bulldog is a 4 year old male. He is our baby and knows it! We will be bringing home a English bulldog girl. We are looking for any advise, suggestions, do's and don'ts etc. to help smooth the process over for everyone!
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    Moderate to severe allergies my 2 year bully need some advice please

    My bully is 2 years old and yesterday we noticed signs of itching and hives. It has been progressively getting worse. We have been accustomed to these reactions and usually treat her with Benadryl 25mg tabs which usually clear it up. We took her to a pet hospital today, and they ended up...
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    Looking to get started showing, but don't know where to start!

    Hey everyone! Well Colonel Mustard is officially one year old and packing on some extra pounds now that the snow and cold weather is here! Recently (since is slight weight gain of 4 whole pounds) we have been getting more and more comments and people starting conversations with us about...