tail issues

  1. T

    Help Needed! Tail Infections

    Back in February, my 3-year-old English Bulldog started having issues with her tail and tail pocket. She's been on antibiotics and prescribed antiseptic/antifungal wipes ever since. It gets better but never clears up completely. I've seen the posts on here about essential oils and tried that...
  2. Jackieshoes

    Its a pain in the rear! Literally! **images may be too graphic**

    So last week the roofers came to replace the roof and the dogs went nuts. So I called the vet and took them there for the day to get a bath and toenail trim (and babysat for the day). Picked Dexter up, everything was fine - he was a little itchy but nothing abnormal after getting a bath. Next...
  3. D

    Tail Cleaning Tips

    Hi Everyone! My 5-year-old English Bulldog, Monte has been having really bad tail issues lately. I clean his tail pocket every single day but sometimes that isn't enough. It produces brown gooey gunk from inside his pocket. No matter how often we clean it, within 24 hours it's still yucky...
  4. J

    Other any experience with fecal incontinence after tail amputation?

    hello all, this is my first post. my 3 year old girl had her tail amputated 2 days ago after a year and a half of trying to treat her chronic tail pocket infections and skin irritation conservatively. she had an inverted screw tail which was extremely tight and difficult to care for. we saw 2...