stomach problems

  1. michaelsbroly


    Hi my Broly 10 weeks old happen to swallow a piece of a raw hide treat, maybe a strip of 2 1/2 inches to 3 inches, not sure it got all soft after he chewed it all up. It was one of those that are rolled up like a pencil for small dogs, our friend got it for him. I was suppose to watch him and i...
  2. Forest Coffman

    Help Needed! Food Transition from Weight Loss and vomiting

    Hello fellow Bullies. My dear Hercules is an 11 year old grandpa bully. He has had cushings disease for the past 4 years and has gone through all the allergies known to man. For the past three years I have had everything under control with a a cocktail of meds and drops. However, the past...