1. K

    Show leads HELP!

    Hi, I'm a real newbie to showing and in desperate need of some help and advice on what type of show lead and collar works best for Bulldogs please??? :unsure::help1::sos::help::anyone: I need to find one ASAP for my beautiful Bella (4 months) as we are currently doing a show training course...
  2. raghu

    Bella at shows over the last 2 weekends

    The last 2 weekends have been busy for Bella and me. We have been "showing off" at various events. On Nov 28/29 there was 2 rings of FCI and 2 rings of Mysore Kennel Club (MKC). On Dec 05 there was 2 rings of Bangalore Canine Club (BCC). So a total of 6 rings. Results in summary FCI Ring 1 -...