1. Annie1991

    Punk has hip dysplasia and has begun to shiver at night

    When I took Punk to the vet in June, I had her x-rayed because I noticed a little hitch in her getalong. The vet showed me the xray of Punk's hip dysplasia - he said that fortunately Punk is so heavily muscled that the muscle is keeping her hips together. I have her on Movoflex right now and...
  2. M

    Mom, you're the worst!

    I was so excited about the new jacket I got for frank. It even has functional pockets for treats/poop bags! So I put it on him and he refused to move. I even dropped a treat on the ground across the room and he wouldn't come for it. Acting like he doesn't get cold and shiver on our winter...
  3. C

    General Question Chloramphenicol side effects.. Help!

    Hello, I have an 8 month amazing bulldog... He was recently diagnosed with elongated soft palate.. Which has caused him aspiration pneumonia. He has been on chloramphenicol for about 3 weeks now. However, hes not eating anything at all, he vomits anything he eat, he's lost 5 pounds. He does...